Sunday, February 28, 2010

Heart Surgery and a Hospital Picnic

On Tuesday morning, my grandpa had intensive heart surgery at Baylor Medical in Dallas. Jeremy and I met my parents at the hospital at 7 am and had some time to talk and pray with Pappaw before he went into surgery. My sweet husband held his hand through the IVs, the visit from the chaplain, and talks with the anesthesiologist and the operating room nurse with the odd sense of humor.

Jeremy and I sat in the waiting room with my parents for about 13 hours during surgery, recovery, and the move to ICU. The Lord is merciful and my grandpa made it through the surgery alright, but he's hurting. He's slowly recovering, and my parents have been living out of a hotel and sitting at the hospital all day long every day since Tuesday, and plan to do the same at least through the end of this week. 

Last night we decided my parents needed a break from hospital food, and we brought a picnic. Barbecue sandwiches, cole slaw, tomato salad and a pretty darn good (if I can admit that myself) home-made strawberry rhubarb pie - home cooked picnics do wonders for a weary soul.

(Mom don't kill me for putting this up - I just really like the fact
that you're enjoying my pie ;)

After dinner we went back to Pappaw's room. It's hard to see him hooked up to machines with tubes and wires everywhere, in such a fog from medication that he doesn't know where he is. This is the same Pappaw who held my hand and walked me down to the lake to feed the ducks when I was a kid, who guided my hand on the shifter as he taught me how to drive standard in his classic re-built MGB when I was 14, who saved and saved to pay for me and Jeremy's wedding bands and then kissed me before I walked down the aisle. Now I'm holding his hand and kissing his cheek.

Lord, help Pappaw get better soon. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

First Married Valentines

This year was me and Jeremy's fourth Valentine's/Birthday week together. (I guess since my birthday and Valentine's day are 2 days apart I can lump them into one event.) I don't have anything witty to say - just thought I'd post a couple of pictures from this weekend and perhaps stir up some nostalgia with photos from past years. 


At my favorite little sushi restaurant in Mockingbird Station for Valentines Day this year.
It's a shame we didn't have anyone to take a photo of us both in the SAME picture :(

My birthday banana pudding ice cream. Nothing says birthday like a candle in Blue Bell and the dog howling because he absolutely HATES the happy birthday song.

Valentine's Day 2009.
Technically we were "just friends" in this picture, yet were engaged 3 weeks later. 
Those of you who know our story will laugh ;)

Birthday 2009 with friends at BJs

Birthday 2008 - house party and the prettiest, best 
homemade cake ever created by a roommate (thanks Amy!)

I think Valentine's Day 2008 - this was just too prom-pose awkward not to include.
I love Jer's cheeseball smile!

Valentine's Day 2007 - poor guy was so sick :(

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

This morning the alarm went off. I pressed snooze. Twelve times, like usual. And I kept waiting for Eagle Alert to call my phone to tell me the university was closed. Alas, the call did not come. I checked facebook - Denise Power's status said that Denton ISD was closed. So I went to work, then promptly turned around and came home an hour later when they decided to close the school. SNOW DAY!

When Jer got home we built a snowman, then warmed up by the fire. I commented (with complete seriousness) that this was a perfect opportunity to catch up on the house cleaning, since we were both off work. In fact, it wouldn't take long at all if we both pitched in! He laughed and informed me that snow days were not for cleaning, they were for being lazy, and what planet did I come from to make me think otherwise? But since I have a stud of a husband, he pitched in and cleaned the floors because he loves me :) 

Tonight we get to enjoy some Harry Potter with the Powers, and Jer and I both get to relax because night classes are cancelled! 

The driveway was so slippery, that within a few minutes of 
Jeremy parking at the top of  the driveway, his car had already slid down into the alley!

Cooper was NOT sure about the snow. This was the most he's ever seen.

My $9 snowboots from a WalMart in Idaho have proved very in handy in Texas. Who knew?
They're very "Napoleon Dynamite" :)

Snowflake on the eyelash

Stud of a snowman

Happy snow day!

The Irwins