Friday, August 14, 2009

His & Her Towels

Tomorrow we will become husband and wife. Mr. and Mrs., joined in matrimony, His and Her towels – the whole shebang. Now a few things change – what has been known as my house for the last few months will now be our house (this includes my closet turning into our closet – a feat that we have yet to accomplish…). This also means, as Jeremy lovingly pointed out when he came over to wake me up the other day, that I cannot take up the entire queen bed any more, so tonight I’m spreading out!
In addition to sharing towels and a closet, I am excited about sharing a life with Jeremy. Knowing he’ll be there every morning when I wake up, knowing he’s my partner when times are good and when times are tough, sharing our families with one another. These past few days I have been reflecting on the picture that marriage was intended to paint. Christ lovingly choosing His bride and sacrificing Himself for her, lovingly her unconditionally. I wrote this in my journal yesterday, “I am praying that I keep a constant thought in my mind that although our wedding ceremony and celebration will be wonderful – Christ has a far better celebration waiting for me and I must be constantly future-minded.” Our job as husband and wife is to point each other towards Christ. I am so excited for the journey.

So tomorrow as I walk down the aisle in a pretty white dress, I’m sure a few tears will slip down my face. These are tears of joy and happiness because of the man waiting at the end of the aisle to take my hand, but they are also tears of thankfulness to the God who takes my hand daily.