Thursday, June 30, 2011

The First Few Before-and-Afters

Well - we bought a house! We closed on April 29th, worked on renovations for 3 weeks while living in our rent house, Jeremy broke his foot the week before we moved, and we've spent the past 6 weeks living in the new house and slowly trying to finish up renovations. We still have some work to do, but here are some pictures of the first few "completely" (a relative term when renovating) finished rooms:

Front of the house on closing day - front yard landscaping happens this weekend :)

Master bedroom - Before

The french doors are beautiful, but had no blinds or curtains. We were confused why the previous owners didn't mind having transparent doors when guests were in town... We certainly minded!

The closet paint was as old as I was. We had just a few flimsy wire shelves and the trim was the color of lima beans - yummy.

Master Bedroom - During

My sister and mom helped me paint the master - I'm sure they'll both love me for posting these.

Every nook and external corner in the house got the trim ripped off, the metal 90 degree corner removed, and retextured as a rounded, bullnose corner. 

Note to self for future project houses: Drywall takes weeeeeks (WEEKS!) to settle and clean off every surface in the house!

Mr. Aaron Power helping us start over on the closet storage. Jeremy built shelves from a plan I drew to maximize the space.

Master Bedroom - After

I sewed curtains for the master doors 

Jeremy built me this gorgeous platform bed, and I painted the canvases above the bed. The project made for great stress-relieving breaks while I was finishing my master's thesis :)

It took us weeks to find just the right fabric to upholster the headboard

This picture is just so I can brag about my husband's craftsmanship - I'm so impressed he made this bed!

Project closet end product. We fit everything we needed to in this small space!

Entryway - After

Bar - Before

Living room and kitchen projects are still underway, so no pictures of those yet!

Bar - After 

The sitting area between the kitchen and the yoga room

Guest Bath - Before

Before, there was a curtain hiding the wire shelving in the linen closet, and an unnecessary cabinet on the wall that made the already-tiny bathroom feel even smaller. 

Guest Bath - After

We ripped out the wire shelving, added painted wood shelves and organized the closet to look nice without needing to be covered with curtains. This gave enough storage space to lose the bulky cabinet on the wall.

Guest Bedroom - Before

Guest Bedroom - After

We're starting to feel somewhat settled, but have a few projects planned for this month. I'll post more pictures soon!

- K