Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Boss & Micah

While visiting my parents over Christmas, I snapped this series of photos of my Dad ("Boss") and Micah. They're too cute not to share!

Micah's First Christmas

Our Christmas card picture - playing with lights in front of the tree

Here are some pictures from Micah's first Christmas! We spent Christmas Day in Houston with my parents. It was rainy and windy, and immediately after we finished opening gifts we lost power. We spent 6 hours without electricity playing cards, making a stew on the gas stove, and cooking bread on the grill!

I love his "trap-door booty" Christmas pjs!

Helping Uncle Mark open a package

This year Jeremy and I had a "homemade Christmas", and made almost all of our gifts. I made Micah a fabric book with pictures of his family.

I also made him a sock octopus ("socktopus"), a fabric ball, and a stuffed robot. I had a little fun with the sewing machine ;)

He was delighted with the keyboard from Boss & Nana

Jeremy showed him how to use his walker, and within a week he's already pushing it all around the house by himself.

Bundled up to sit by the fire in the backyard - but he did NOT like his hat and gloves.

Merry Christmas from the Irwins!