Friday, June 1, 2012

Micah's Room

Now that I'm finally getting around to it, here are some pictures of Micah's room:

My sister made this adorable banner for the baby shower

I couldn't find any baby bedding that I just loved, so I made the bed skirt, quilt, and changing pad cover. It made for a great distraction over Christmas break :)

My incredibly talented friend Jen painted this mural on the wall above the crib. It's my favorite part of the room!

Jeremy made these built-in floating shelves for books. We stood in front of the bolts at Home Depot debating what length to buy to install them, and finally chose the longest ones - because it's not if Micah tries to climb them, it's when. One day I'll finally fill the empty frames with his newborn photos.

The kid is not hurting for clothes. And this is after I removed all the newborn clothes he's grown out of (bittersweet day...)

Our wonderful friend Aaron's grandmother handmade these stuffed animals for Micah!

My friend Emily made these stuffed owls - adorable!