Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When God sends blessings through US Post -thy mailbox runneth over

We received our fourteenth anonymous letter in the past six weeks today. We don't know who or where they're from. They have our names and address as the return address - everything is computer-printed. We are baffled. Each letter contains a Target gift card. The letters are funny, sweet, cute, quirky - you name it. These people are undoubtedly creative - and incredibly loving.

We intended to hit marriage with our feet on the ground, but as we're quickly learning, life and circumstances sometimes have other plans. Immediately after the honeymoon, we hit one financial roadblock after another and finally realized there was no way we could make ends meet on our own. We have been absolutely blown away by how the Lord has provided for us. When we didn't know how a bill was going to be paid - money showed up. When we weren't sure how we were going to pay for school - we were able to obtain a low-interest loan. When we were positive we'd have to eat ramen noodles for months - Target cards started appearing in our mailbox.

I am thankful for these tight times - the times we have to scrimp. I love that we have to supplement our meals with squash from our surprisingly superfluous squash plant and deer meat from Dad. I love that we can't afford cable, so we talk to fill the silence. I love that we can't eat out, so we cook together. I love that a meager bank balance means we learn to communicate now about our money (i.e. "Honey do we have enough for me to buy a pack of gum today?") We are so very blessed.

It's been humbling to have to admit that we are dependent when we'd planned on being self-sufficient "adults". One day soon we'll have our feet underneath us, and somewhere along the way we may do well financially. If we do, I will think back on the blessings we received in this season and bless others. But I pray that we'll never think we are completely independent - completely self-sufficient. May we always be in need of the Lord who gave us life and who continually blesses us.

Wedding Photos!

We finally have some AMAZING wedding photos to post - compliments of Ryan Ray (

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