Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Micah's First Birthday

Today my baby graduates from an infant to a toddler. Where has the time gone? This time last year we were doing this. Saturday we had a birthday party for Micah while family was in town. Here are some pictures:

Micah was not thrilled about the idea of pictures

Jeremy made Micah a "gadget board" - lots of things to keep him busy! 

He wasn't too happy about being restrained for a picture with everything there was to explore!

"Sharing" his walker with Rivers - best buds!

Micah kept trying to give Baron hugs - he was so excited to see him!

Finn's "cat got the canary" face

Micah had been taking several steps at a time before the party, but just took off once he had an audience. We officially have a walker!

Since my camera was passed around throughout the party, I didn't find these gems until later. Presenting the faces of Scott Meath:

We're so thankful for the past year and can't believe how fast he's grown and changed! (He doesn't even look like this kid or this kid anymore!) We're snuggling him tightly today!